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What is a Saranya Cooks Thai recipe kit?

A box of fresh, authentic ingredients delivered to your front door (anywhere in the Denver Metro, Northern Colorado, and Boulder areas) so you can create delicious Thai dishes in the comfort of your own home. Every kit comes with all the ingredients needed for four servings, no meat so you can add your own (or to create meatless dishes). The kit will include a recipe and a direct phone number if any questions should come up during food preparation.

Why a Saranya Cooks Thai (SCT) recipe kit?

Every ingredient in an SCT kit is guaranteed to be authentic, fresh, and sourced from small locally owned businesses. Authentic Thai and generally Asian ingredients are difficult to find unless you live in a major U.S. city and even with access, the process may be daunting and overwhelming. The SCT kit takes the struggle of grocery shopping out of your hands and guides you through the cooking process to guarantee ease and an opportunity to wow your friends and family.


What impact will you make?

With your purchase of an SCT kit, one box filled with culturally relevant ingredients will be delivered to families and/or individuals experiencing food insecurity as determined by our partnership with Denver Metro based organizations working closely with immigrant and refugee families.

  • Why are culturally relevant food boxes important? 

    • Those who rely on food assistance programs often focus on necessities that are limited by the program itself.

    • A lot of immigrant communities have additional barriers to accessing food assistance benefits.

    • Food banks rarely offer culturally relevant selections.

    • Most food boxes that families have access to, usually consist of canned foods donated by the public, which often are the “rejects” from the back of their cabinets.

With every additional $10 donation you choose to make, an additional box will be donated.

For example: Buy a box + donate $10 = two boxes will be distributed!



How does it all work?

The process is simple.

  1. Complete your order online. Orders are placed for delivery – deliveries occur every Friday and every Sunday. You can choose your delivery days at check-out. Our current radius of delivery is anywhere in the Denver Metro, Northern Colorado, and Boulder areas.

  2. The kit comes delivered (contactless) to your front door. You’ll get a confirmation text that it’s been delivered.   

  3. Open your kit. Refrigerate your fresh vegetables until you are ready to cook.

  4. You’ll have every ingredient you need other than meat or meat alternatives if you choose to add it. You don’t have to run to the store for last-minute ingredients! Vegetables are fresh so cook within 4 days of delivery, text me if you have any questions while cooking.

  5. Enjoy, take a picture, tag us on social media. Now YOU, cook Thai too!



COVID-19 considerations

  • All products are sanitized and cleaned after purchased from the store.

  • Products are again cleaned prior to packaging.

  • We are following CDC guidelines on handwashing, face covering, and social distancing at every step of the process.

  • Contactless delivery


-  About Saranya  -

Zonya Saranya Dawson was born and raised in Bangkok Thailand and immigrated to the U.S. at 14 years old. Zonya's passion has always been food and making others smile. Through her business saranyacooksthai, Zonya has been able to share the joys of Thai cooking with many in the Denver metro area, through catering and private dining events. Now she wants to bring the joys of Thai cooking into your kitchen and every kitchen. 

Though her passion lays within her business, Zonya's other passion is through her full-time position at the Asian Pacific Development Center in Aurora, Colorado as a victim advocate coordinator. At her job, she works closely with immigrant and refugee families to connect them with linguistically and culturally relevant and meaningful services. She has always dreamt of the day where her 2 passions would collide. 


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Our Mission

Provide high-quality ingredients, easy to follow recipes for customers to create authentic, traditional cuisine in their home kitchen. Our giving back model believes; families wanting to enjoy the food of their culture should never be considered a thing of luxury.


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