Tom Yum Kit

This well-known spicy, sour soup Tom Yum is literally translated to Spicy "mixed" soup. This soup is a staple of Thai cuisine and perfectly balances the 5 core flavors of Thai cooking sour, spicy, sweet, salty, and bitter. Served with warm jasmine rice it is a great beginner dish for an introduction to Thai food. 


This kit will include all the necessary herbs and spices and a variety of delicious mushrooms. 


Kit includes every ingredient needed to make 4 servings of delicious Tom Yum. Kits do not include meat to give you the flexibility to add your own or add any meat alternative. 


**Please indicate any allergies you may have (in the notes section at checkout), even if you do not think the ingredient would be present in the kit.** 

Tom Yum Kit

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