sauces - coming soon

at sct, we are always working on ways to help grow your love of Thai flavors.

In summer of 2021, we will be launching 3 sauces that will available for nationwide shipping. 


sweet chili sauce

a perfect dipping sauce for egg rolls, fried and grilled meats, fried tofu, roasted vegetables or anything else that needs a dash of sweet and spicy.


peanut sauce

Don't be mistaken. Most Thai dishes are not made with peanuts or contain peanut sauce. But with this bottle, you might want to smear this over all your meals. Thai or otherwise.


This peanut sauce is created as a dipping sauce for grilled meat and tofu. A creamy with a dash of spice, salad dressing. And a good smothering agent for those leftover noodles.


And really whatever else... it is your sauce!


all purpose sauce

The only sauce you need to create at least 4 classic Thai dishes.


Created for Pad See Ew, Drunken Noodles,

Fried Rice, and stir-fry.


A meal in under 30 minutes is actually quite common in Thailand. With street food being our signature mode of food consumption. Fast, easy, and delicious is the point.